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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Limitless :: Movie Review

Director: Neil Burger
Writers: Leslie Dixon (screenplay), Alan Glynn (novel)
Cast: Bradley Cooper, Anna Friel, Robbert Deniro and Abbie Cornish
My rating: 8/10 "Good to watch"

Finally got to watch it and i really have to say .... good show
I'v been waiting for a good solid movie to finally come out , and here it is, I mean wow, the first 15 minutes really pumps you up and opens your eyes to the possibilities.

The story revolves around a writer schmuck deadbeat loser who suddenly comes across a brain boosting pill, the pill enables him to utilize his brain to max level of head thinking, the stuff does wonders to his life but gets him into trouble along the way, will he get himself out of it in the end?? thats up to you dear reader to find out !!!

I recommend watching this one.. and if you missed it in theaters, get the DVD !!!

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