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I'm a Multimedia/Creative Director, everything related to media is a must know for me, so you'll see me designing, drawing, photographing, surfing, goggling, animating, you can say I'm a digital geek but in a fun way !!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


OMG I cant believe this year is over already :| , well for me its time to recap on last years resolution list, and make the new one for 2013, so here it goes:
In 2012:

Learn how to skip rope .... Not Achieved
Learn to whistle properly .... Not Achieved
Get PMP certificate .... Not Achieved
Never lend friends money .... Somehow achieved
Scuba diving .... Not Achieved
Get better camera equipment and do a project .... achieved
Learn more guitar .... achieved
Start looking for "it" .... Somehow achieved
Visit Thailand .... Not Achieved :((((((((((
Learn salsa .... Not Achieved

Well i guess not much achieved :s, but this year, its a must that I cross out everything old and achieve some new ones.

so here it is, MY 2013 RESOLUTIONS :
  • Blog more
  • Make my own website ... yah I know, took me long enough
  • Learn how to skip rope
  • Learn to whistle properly
  • Scuba diving
  • Get a new Canon camera "650d in mind", and some creative stuff with it.
  • Learn more guitar
  • Visit Thailand
  • Learn salsa
  • Skydive
  • Increase running speed to 10km/45 min
  • Work on my abs
  • Invest in a business
  • Invest in a relationship
Tatttaaaaaa, see you guys next year