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I'm a Multimedia/Creative Director, everything related to media is a must know for me, so you'll see me designing, drawing, photographing, surfing, goggling, animating, you can say I'm a digital geek but in a fun way !!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Amer Kokh :::: Best Jordanian Artist

Amer kokh has started blogging, go check it out, his art is just amazing, you wont believe that such potential exists in Jordan, makes you proud.

you can also check his awesome website: http://www.crazypiranha.com/

Rock on man ...

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Job Opportunity@Menhaj

Dear all,
Menhaj Educational Technologies Is seeking to recruit

Multi-media Developers
•B.Sc. in computer Science or any other related IT fields
•Familiar with basic programming and eager to learn Macromedia Flash
•Have at least two years of experience.

Technical Support:
Desktop support Win 2000 and XP Microsoft Office, assisting in network administration, user training, and procedures documentation and providing support for any hardware infrastructure modules that involve direct end-user interfacing including desktop computer systems, phones, printers and scanners.

Interested candidates are requested to send their resumes with a recent photo and the Job title must be mentioned in the address bar to


not later than May 20th, 2007.


Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sho Hal Eyam

Really a great concert, ra7at 3alli ma ijo, coz the band announced that they wont perform on a theater anymore, at least for the remainder of this season.

Boss Swap ::: Day 6

Day 6 :: 12-4-2007

Ahhh final day has come already, today "Hani Dahlan" will be leaving us and "Mr.Ghassan La7am" will be returning to Menhaj, so now we are gathering to say farewell, so Safa2 and 7ikmat made hani this nice comic

we say goodbye and he starts to leave....



And gone, Allah ma3ak :)

Now we have started gathering to welcome back our dear original smart boss Ghassan la7am.

and finally after a long wait .....

Ghassan's mustang beauty arrives


After that a game of baby foot to celebrate the event :)....