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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The iPhone 4, recording your movements wherever you go

Two security researchers in the UK have uncovered a disturbing truth. It appears iPhone 4's everywhere have been tracking their users movements with startling accuracy (unbeknownst to the users) and what is more, the ease at which this information can be deciphered is apparently as easy to open as say, a JPEG.

To some this might not seem like so much of a problem, but invasion of privacy and secret data collection can be a serious issue. The seemingly undocumented tracking abilities appear to have started logging data since the iPhone 4's June 2010 update and haven't stopped since. The location tracking doesn't use GPS so allowing or disallowing your location services won't really make a difference. Instead the phone uses more traditional triangulation to pinpoint the phone's whereabouts. Although Apple don't really want to shout about it, some appear to have known about this for a while, mainly those in the computer forensics business, but still.

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