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Monday, December 31, 2007


Another year another resolution list:

  • Add two or three branches to my business ..... yes I want to be a money making machine
  • Learn ballroom dances ..... well maybe!!
  • Take a dive somewhere ..... 90% @ Aqaba so if u want join me this summer
  • Visit adventure spots in Jordan ..... hiking, mountain climbing etc
  • Try Get committed with someone this year ..... ;)
  • Go to an exotic place ..... maybe somewhere in asia like Malaysia
  • Learn something new in graphic designing techniques
  • Upgrade my photography equipments and try to go pro
  • Give blogging more time and updates
  • Move out to a bigger apartment and have a fancy office in it ..... and a room for games and parties
Thanks for reading and now share me yours


SimSim said...

* Learn ballroom dances

well i would love to learn dancing salsa :D

ok i don't have any resolutions because i always end up doing nothing :( but who knows ...

good look with all what u r planning to do :)

Rambling Hal said...

I have a few similar resolutions, specifically the scuba diving and the 'finding someone to commit to' part :D

But maybe I can help with the ballroom dancing? There's a place called Tempo by the 5th circle, right behind Whispers. It offers dance lessons in many different types of dance: hip hop, salsa, tango, bellydancing, and of course, there is ballroom dancing too. I think it's a great place - you should check it out! :D

Happy new year!

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