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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hash wo Nash @ Menhaj :::: BBQ Day

wow long time since my last post .... Lazy me
on Thursday 5/7/2007 we at Menhaj decided it would be nice to end our day shift with a BBQ
so I'll leave with following pics of the event:

all the ingredients stacked in the fridge waiting .....

let BBQ begin, fire it up Iba "Ibraheem",

and now, the employees start to arrive,

La7ma ya donya la7ma,

everyone pitches in,


Even the bosses chip in,

the look of anticipation, everyone is getting hungry ....

First patch, testing and QA stage,

Perfect timing,

it just melts in your mouth, every one digs in,

some people don't get any of the first patch, frustrated, hugry

eventually everyone gets a bite,

Time for bed,

wanna a bite?

Argeilah Time, its every man/woman for himself,

eih ya osta, ma tediena nafas ommal,

The last batch .... finito la musica,
The End

Thanks to everyone for attending and hope everyone had a good time.


Moey said...

nice, pretty much enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Very Nice Event .. ???!!!!