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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Boss Swap ::: Day 6

Day 6 :: 12-4-2007

Ahhh final day has come already, today "Hani Dahlan" will be leaving us and "Mr.Ghassan La7am" will be returning to Menhaj, so now we are gathering to say farewell, so Safa2 and 7ikmat made hani this nice comic

we say goodbye and he starts to leave....



And gone, Allah ma3ak :)

Now we have started gathering to welcome back our dear original smart boss Ghassan la7am.

and finally after a long wait .....

Ghassan's mustang beauty arrives


After that a game of baby foot to celebrate the event :)....



wedz said...

i know eli sawaro th program :) freinds of mine :D

adell najeh said...

don't you think it's offensive and rude to say "wo la terja3" for the temp boss? and do you really have a "dear original smart boss" or it's just hypocrisy ?!

amjad mahfouz said...

Really wedz??
is it possible for u to tell Nadia to send us the pictures

you haven't been there so u don't know anything :)
watch the show ;)

Anonymous said...

well, I bet it was a really interesting experience for all of u, and I am sure that you must have learned from it :)Anyway, usually in such programs, like we see in "House Swap" or "Boss Swap", you never appreciate what you have till you try someone else, hopeefully that your boss is a good one...nice blog :)

ДншдЬ said...

Hi Amjad,
So nice posts about the poss swap.

But you didn't mentioned which manager was better, what did the new manager did to make your company better.

Expated in Dubai said...

"Now we have started gathering to welcome back our dear original smart boss Ghassan la7am."
Mish heik mas7 il-jookh :)

Anonymous said...

hi amjad
h r u??
really i miss u all @ mehaj :'( .. and very nice photo ..
sho bteshta'3lo wala btel3abo ;p shekleha sabat el sherkeh ba3ed ma tle3et ;D

EsRaA AbU RoB ;)