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Monday, March 26, 2007

Murder in Amman :::: Lieutenant Enad M Al Ne3eemat

On Thursday's night I was our with my friend in this place called "Al Fishawi Cafe" when suddenly we heard 2 simultaneous shoots, at first we thought that it was probably fireworks or a car muzzle , but suddenly people outside the cafe started to gather on the street, I immediately rushed out and saw TWO buddies lying on the street with gun shoot wounds in mid sections of their bodies, in the crowds there were at least 4 undercover officers requesting backups and ambulances to move the wounded, then my friend and i decided that it would best if we leave the scene and let the police do their work.

off course I couldn't use a camera but i managed to snag a couple of pics with my mobile while we were leaving.
one one the the guys shoot was Lieutenant"Enad M Al Ne3eemat", he was announced deceased.

I didn't want to post this topic coz its horrible to share but this morning while cruising the news websites i read the the killer was apprehended and you can read the details on Amman net

My god bless you Lieutenant and surround you with his mercy.


Samer Marzouq said...

You were there! Its tragic, may god bless his soul.

I don't know what is happening, this morning I heard a story of a lawyer who was injured in his face by few guys who were trying to take money from him, the police captured them and one of them accused the lawyer of stabbing him in the back and then both were jailed and it was ended when they both were considered guilty, the lawyer then killed the guy for revenge.

I don't what is exactly happening here in Jordan.

Mohanned Al-arabiat said...

God bless his soul, jordan is it's security so god help us..

wedad said...

ooooooooch!! but this is one from 50 i guess, but iam sure our security adha u 2dod!!
much happened around us actually but no one knows unless eli fiha involved people!
last month theif entered my sister home, she saw him in her bedroom haik faj2a!! imagine and he was holding a knife!! fi 3ez eldohor!
anyway God bless n3emat family and give them peace

amjad mahfouz said...

:| you have got to be kidding me???

Jad said...

May god rest his soul in peace and be with his family, god bless Jordan.

Shaden said...

I don't know what the heck is happening in Jordan but during the past two weeks or so, I heard about 4 or 5 robberies :-S I was wondering if that's the case all the time?

Allah yer7amhom.

amjad mahfouz said...

I really hope not Shaden,but lets face it, our beloved country is in a center of violence.
god protect us all.

wedz said...

iam not kidding amjad at all!!
i'll tell u th story next meetup :D

Anonymous said...

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